Bedom Group won two top awards by Chinese Entrepreneurs Development Federation

Seana Liu Wed, 01/11/2017 - 17:40

Chinese Excellent Brands Awarding Ceremony held in Hainan. This award ceremony is also Chinese Entrepreneurs Development Federation’s annual dinner, which has been successfully held for three years. A lot of social celebrities and entrepreneurs participated in the award ceremony.

Chairman of Bedom Group, Fonso Hotel Management Group Shanghai and HumanMax Group – Mr. Wei Puzhao, as Chinese outstanding entrepreneur, was invited to attend this award ceremony. Bedom Group was delighted to be awarded the ‘Excellent Brand 2016’ by Chinese Entrepreneurs Development Federation. Mr. Wei Puzhao also won the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur 2016’ award.

Bedom Group is a comprehensive hotel management group. Through the real estate after-market, provides added value to idle real estates and brings investment returns to the owners. Meanwhile, all the guests enjoy the accommodations with suitable prices. Bedom Group has signed more than 500 projects. In May 2016, it established the ‘Short Stay Rental Panel’ with other industry elites and established ‘Business School of Bedom Group’ in August 2016. In 2017, the apartments of Bedom Group will cover all over China and spread to oversea market.